Welcome to my website in progress. 

I love story.  For me, story is the thread that connects generations, that binds together your past, your present, and your future. 

People remember the important events in their lives and pass them on to their children through story.  Over the telling, these events transform into family stories.  The second generation passes the same stories on to the third generation.  Soon, memories have become legacies, events have become traditions, and The Story of the family is born.  Each new generation writes the next chapter.  Often, one family member—we never know who it will be—becomes the memory-keeper for the family.  He or she preserves the stories, keeps the scrapbooks, and selects a successor from the next generation. And the future generations continue to tell The Story, even though its creators have long since passed on.

 The Story of your family may not be something you ponder very often, if ever.  We frequently race through the present without too much contemplation on the past.  The Story is something that just IS.  You expect your Aunt Annie to play jokes on you because of the tales you heard about her childhood; about the time she tricked her sister into riding the cow or convinced her the broken swing in the tree was perfectly safe to swing on.  You know to steer clear of Uncle Mickey when he gets mad because you were warned about his legendary temper.  You wonder about your grandmother’s sanity because you heard how she used to stick her head in the oven and turn on the gas when she wanted to get her way.  Sounds like a crazy bunch, doesn’t it?  But, it’s your family and your legacy, all kept alive through The Story.

So, remember and write.  Maintain the family story and expand it with your own chapters for the next generations to come.